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    Leasing for the supplier

    Le Groupe Financier Laplante offers the possibility to make online leasing application. The applications are secure and confidential.

    Discover the various benefits of making leasing; your financing method.


We are at your service

At G.F.L., our agents have many years of experience in leasing. They will offer you an efficient and professional service.

Whether you are a client making a credit application or a supplier requesting a credit quotation for your client, at G.F.L., we will be please to serve you with efficiency and professionalism.

Online services

You can send us requests for quotation via our online application. Your request will be sent instantly and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.

For reasons of security and privacy, please note that it is necessary to be registered to use this service.

Quotation request

You can securely make your request for quotation online. To make a request, click

Online service registration

If you are not registered and would like to register your company in order to have access to our free quotation system, you can register by clicking

A tool with numerous benefits

Faster closing of sales

Given the flexibility, as to the length of a lease and the reimbursement offered by a lease, allows for a more rapid closure of the sale, minimising the importance put on the dollar value of the transaction.

Decentralized decision making

Given that dollar value is minimised, the acquisition is often considered as an operating expense rather than a large capital outlay. Your clients are often able to make their decision on the spot, without having to request head office approval.

Sales growth

Suppliers will benefit from increased sales as leasing provides a simpler method for their clients to upgrade their equipment. In addition, the expiration of the leasing contract encourages clients to replace their equipment more frequently.

Increased order size

It is also easier to increase the size of the order as you add equipment, the lease payment increases by only a few dollars rather than a few thousand dollars.

Flexible payment conditions

Suppliers are able to offer their clients a variety of standard payment terms. They can also count on our expertise to determine special payment term, linked, for example, to seasonal activity or finances. It is also possible to pay by cheques, drafts or pre-authorised direct payments.

Notice of expiry of the lease

The supplier will receive a notice of leases expiry for its customers. This notice can be a valuable tool to help you plan other sales.

Automatic processing of credit

Given our vast network of financial resources, we are able, in certain cases to direct a request to a computerised system for credit approval. This translates into a quicker response time regarding credit approval and therefore a more rapid delivery of the equipment.

Brokerage service

When a client can not be approved by our financial partners, we use the alternative of a vast network of brokers with whom we have long term relationships. This alternative provides the supplier with the opportunity of increasing the ratio of approval of its customers.