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Answers to your questions

To help clarify general questions on leasing, we have made ​​available this list of frequent questions. If you need additional clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

Our agents will be pleased to provide the required information in the shortest possible time, with courtesy and professionalism.

Isn't it cheaper for me to pay cash ?

When you purchase equipment, there is a loss in the earning power of that up-front cash payment. For example, if the net profit on working capital is 15 percent, then you lose 15 percent a year. Leasing gives you the use of your money and the use of the equipment you need, so you can pay for the equipment out of earnings over time rather than putting up equity capital all at once.

Isn't it better to own equipment ?

Use of equipment, not ownership, produces profit. It is usually more economical to lease equipment and use your cash for other needs. Depending on the type of lease you choose, you can either purchase the equipment, or return it and lease more updated equipment, at the end of your lease term.

Are there any up-front costs or application fees ?

Other than a nominal documentation fee, there are no application fees and no traditional down payments required. Advance monthly payments may be required depending upon the amount of the lease. We will work with your equipment supplier to structure the deal so that it is most beneficial to cash flow situation.

How many months should equipment be leased ?

It really depends upon the type of equipment. When leasing equipment is subject to rapid obsolescence, such as a computer or a high?tech medical diagnostic machine, it's generally advisable to lease for the shortest possible time as long as the monthly payments still fit comfortably within your budget. Office furniture, on the other hand, could be lease for longer periods, with lower monthly payments

Is leasing equipment similar to leasing a car ?

Yes. It's the same concept. You pay for the equipment as you use it. As your equipment wears out or becomes obsolete, in most cases, you retain the flexibility to upgrade to more current technology.

Do I have to select the equipment from a particular dealer ?

No. All of our programs allow you to select your equipment from virtually any qualified manufacturer of dealer, nationally

What happens to the equipment at the end of the lease term ?

It's your choice. Many of our leasing programs can be structured to give you the option of purchasing it for $10.00, for an agreed upon percentage of the original cost, or at fair market value or returning the equipment to us

What is an option based on market value?

If you choose a lease structure with a purchase option based on the value of the equipment at the end of the term, then this amount will be determined by the market. A lease structured as a residual value reduces the amount of rent, to use the amount of rent as an expense and therefore deduct the amount from your taxes. The market value amount will be based on the price that a third party could justify. You always have the option to return the equipment at end of the term.

Why is there a market value rather than a predetermined amount?

This is essential so you can deduct rent as rental expenses. If the purchase amount at the end of term is predetermined, then we are talking about a financed lease and not as a pure rental.

Who pays the taxes?

The lessee is responsible for taxes. Taxes are paid with the rent and the financing institution forwards the taxes to the government.

Can I add equipment to an existing lease?

Yes. We have programs that allow this type of application.

Can leasing be terminated ?

No. A lease is an agreement can not be canceled.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. You must insure the equipment against fire, theft and vandalism and the lessor must be the beneficiary of the insurance since it is the owner of the equipment.

Are there any costs associated with a line of credit based on a lease?

No. Your lease payments are based solely on the equipment used.

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